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General Information


Standard A Class Office building
Leasable Areas 10.350 m² gross area on 9 floors
Floor Height 4.11 meter
Air Conditioning Different air conditioning settings can be used at the same 
  time in same area through 3 pipe VRV system
Ventilation 50 m³/h/pp 
Transformer Capacity 2500 Kva – Dry type transformer
Generator Capacity 2100 Kva – System has 100% generator support
Personnel Elevator  ThyssenKrupp – 4 elevator [each office floor]; 1.250 kg 
  capacity [each elevator]; 2,5 m./sn.
Fire and Service Elevator ThyssenKrupp - 2 elevators
Hand over Conditions All infrastructure completed, ready for decoration, Core&Shell
Fire Safety Fire detection and water sprinkler fire extinguishing systems are available 
Building Automation Systems In place 
TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate


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