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Imagine a building with 10.350 m² leasable office area that is located in Levent district - the center of business, entertainment and residential life in Istanbul, linked to 40.000 m² Metrocity Shopping Mall through its connection floor. This is an A Class Office building that has leasable office areas up to 1.450 m² on each floor with the entire infrastructure in place to meet the demands of its tenants. The building has indoor access to metro line and is within walking distance to bus and other public transportation stops as well as being next to several shopping malls and a number of restaurants, entertainment and sports facilities. Metrocity BUSINESS CENTER has all required, fulfilling needs of its tenants and is located in the most central location of Istanbul.

Building Standard A Class Office building
Leasable Areas 10.350 m² gross area on 9 floors
Floor Height 4.11 meter
Air Conditioning Different air conditioning settings can be used at the same 
  time in same area through 3 pipe VRV system
Ventilation 50 m³/h/pp 
Transformer Capacity 2500 Kva – Dry type transformer
Generator Capacity 2100 Kva – System has 100% generator support
Personnel Elevator  ThyssenKrupp – 4 elevator [each office floor]; 1.250 kg 
  capacity [each elevator]; 2,5 m./sn.
Fire and Service Elevator ThyssenKrupp - 2 elevators
Hand over Conditions All infrastructure completed, ready for decoration, Core&Shell
Fire Safety Fire detection and water sprinkler fire extinguishing systems are available 
Building Automation Systems In place
                                 TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate

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